15 Types of Papads

Papad is Indian traditional food which is good appetizer, corminative  and digestive. Roasted/Grilled Papad absorbs the fatty material from mouth and throat helps to digest when consumed at the end of the meal. It is also good snack at the Tea or with Breakfast.

Pushkar Food Corporation provides you 15 types of Papads to fulfill your test which are in sizes from 2" to 10". Papads are made using the traditional method i.e. handmade as well as by using the automatic machine. In traditional method flour  loafs of particular recipe are give to women to hand roll it into Papad under the supervision of highly qualified professionals. 

Our Papads are prepared from very high quality of pulses and spices with the state of art technology under the strict quality control to offer uniform shape, size, thickness and traditional test as well. The excellent quality of Papads are packed in specially designed food grade laminated pack.

Machine made Papads manufactured by us will give you better traditional taste. To enjoy real taste of machine made Papad make Masala Papad using Onion, Kothimbirs, Red Chilly, Tomatoes, Shave, Saras Papad masala etc. You can roast Papads in Microwave within 40-45 seconds. All our Papads are the lab tested and pure vegetarian. 

We made following types of Papads

Udad Papad

Methi Papad

Moong Papad
Pudina Papad Garlic Papad Kothimbir Papad
Green Chilli Papad Palak Papad Jeera Papad
Red Chilli Papad Chana Mix Papad Tomato Papad
Udad-Soya Papad Special Punjabi Papad Potato Papad