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Mobile Khakhra –  Healthy to Eat Handy to Carry!

As you know in our day today life the word Mobile is used more and more and we all are addicted to this word. We all have a smart phone which is very close to us and always there with us, it fulfills all our requirements but when we are hungry we place order via smart phone and that keeps us awaiting till it is delivered and we eat. To overcome with this problem, we have introduced Mobile Khakhara which is Handy to Carry and Healthy to Eat.

What is Mobile Khakhara?

It is a snack which is made of wheat same as chapatti. This come is various flavors that gives your mouth a feel of actual taste. Mobile Khakhara is just like our smart phone which can be kept in our pockets and can be carried wherever we want to and even have it.

Mobile Khakhara are available in your favorite flavors like:

  • Plain Prime Khakhara
  • Methi Delight Khakhara
  • Masala Crunch Khakhara
  • Ajwain Funda Khakhara
  • Manglori Spice Khakhara
  • Jeera Masti Khakhara
  • Deshi Ghee Magic Khakhara
  • Noodles Masala Khakhara
  • Coconut Cookies Khakhara
  • Cheese Classic Khakhara
  • Butter Elite Khakhara